Part L 2021: Volume 1 - Dwellings

Part L 2021: Volume 1 – Dwellings

The new 2021 Building Regulations are the first major update we have had since 2013, therefore, the changes are significant and are going to have a major effect on the Building industry.

We have included below a brief summary of the key changes implemented to Part L 2021: Volume 1 – Dwellings:

  • Photographic Evidence;
    • A mandatory Government requirement to enable the production of domestic new build EPCs
    • Must be taken for each plot at various construction stages of multiple details and must be geotagged
    • Commissioning documents for M&E installations will also be required to produce the EPC
  • Overheating;
    • A new Building Regulation ‘Part O’ has been published which is a separate exercise and should be a factor early on in the design process
    • Overheating check has been removed from SAP
  • Accredited Construction Details;
    • ‘Approved’ details have been removed
    • Established schemes or bespoke calculations will be required to be used to achieve compliance
    • This is going to be a key element in achieving compliance!
  • U-values / Air testing;
    • U-values have been improved throughout
    • Air testing will be required for all dwelling’s, no sample testing allowed
  • Lighting Design;
    • Lighting design will now be required from the designers
  • Hot Water;
    • Manufacturer, model and flow rate of all showers will be required

Notional building specification comparison:

For further information on the new Part O, Part L: Volume 1 and Volume 2, please contact us for your free copy of our PDF documents.

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