Part L: Volume 1 SAP Assessments

Gladwood have excellent knowledge on how best to approach a project in terms of build costs, achieving the desired results regarding EPC banding and Part L compliance.

Our in-house Elmhurst accredited On-Construction Domestic Energy Assessors (OCDEA) will assist you every step of the way from design stage to completion with our extensive knowledge and experience offering friendly professional advice to help you achieve Building Regulation Approval.

Building Regulation Part L: Volume 1 requirements:

New build dwellings:
  • All new build dwellings require a SAP calculation to be carried out to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Part L.
  • An ‘as-designed’ SAP assessment should be carried out prior to starting work on site and forms part of your Building Regulation application.
  • The SAP assessment takes into account the efficiency of thermal elements of the dwelling, such as:
    • Walls, floor and roof constructions
    • Windows / External door u-values/g-values
    • Thermal bridging
    • Heating / Hot water systems
    • Ventilation Systems
    • Lighting design
    • Design air permeability rates
    • Renewables
    • At completion, an ‘as-built’ SAP is generated which is also used to generate the EPC.
  • Under the new 2021 Building Regulations, photographic evidence will be required at various stages of construction along with commissioning documents for the M&E installations at completion in order to complete the EPC.
Conversions and Extensions:
  • If a proposed extension has a glazing area which exceeds 25% of the extensions internal floor area, a SAP assessment will be required.
  • Conversions will require a SAP calculation and EPC at completion. Thermal elements will need to meet minimum standards as highlighted in the Building Regulations.

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