BREEAM HEA 04 Thermal Comfort

BREEAM HEA 04 Thermal Comfort

One of the three credits attainable under BREEAM credit HEA 04 is ‘Thermal modelling’ and is available via consultants using thermal dynamic software packages such as IES <Virtual Environment>.

Gladwood have over 10 years experience with this software package. 

The ‘Thermal modelling’ credit is available providing:

  • Thermal modelling has been carried out using the predicted mean vote (PMV) and predicted percentage of dissatisfied (PPD) indices in accordance with ISO 7730:2005.
  • Local thermal comfort criteria have been used to determine the level of thermal comfort in the building, in particular internal winter and summer temperature ranges will be in line with the recommended comfort criteria within ISO 7730:2005, with no areas falling within the levels defined as representing local dissatisfaction.
  • Thermal comfort levels in occupied spaces meet the Category B requirements set out in Table A.1 of Annex A of ISO 7730:2005.
  • For air-conditioned buildings, the PMV and PPD indices based on the above modelling are reported via the BREEAM assessment scoring and reporting tool. 

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