Commercial Air Pressure Testing

Gladwood have been carrying out commercial air testing for well over 10 years and have extensive knowledge on how you can achieve the result you need for compliance.

We are able to test commercial buildings with an envelope area of up to 4000m² based on a design air permeability rate of 10 (m³/h.m² @ 50Pa).

Our services include:

Air testing service:

Our basic service includes an envelope area calculation, site set up and 1No air test. If the building fails it’s first test and the problem can be rectified whilst we are on site (within a reasonable time frame at the discretion of our air tester), then the 1st re-test is free of charge.

Drawing reviews:

A review of the design drawings and details, we will identify any potential problems and the produce a report confirming the key concerns and suggested improvements.

Site inspections:

We usually recommend a minimum of two site visits: the first inspection should be during the ‘1st fix’ of services, and the second inspection at ‘2nd fix’ stage. A report is then issued following each inspection which will include recommendations, site photographs and sketches of any potential problem areas to help convey the issues to the ‘trades’ on site.

Sample air testing:

Agreed ‘sample’ testing at key points during the build, this is particularly useful when targeting a very low design air permeability rate.

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