SAP Part L1A – New build Dwellings

SAP calculations – New build Dwellings.


“SAP calculations are an integral part of the design process and are now required as part of your full plans application for Building Regulation approval i.e. they are required before work starts on site.”


The calculation takes into account a range of factors that contribute to energy efficiency…

  • Thermal insulation of the building fabric.

  • Thermal bridging (In an insulated dwelling, heat losses through thermal bridging can account for up to 30% of heat loss).

  • Air Permeability.

  • Mechanical Ventilation.

  • Efficiency of heating system and methods of control.

  • The fuel used to provide space and water heating.

  • The impact of any renewable energy and low carbon technologies.


Gladwood have carried out over 2000 SAP’s over 10+ years and have extensive knowledge on how to deliver cost effective solutions for your project.


From single dwellings up to large housing schemes.

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