MAN 04 Commissioning and Handover : Thermal Imaging

BREEAM Testing and inspecting building fabric (one credit)…

  • The integrity of the building fabric, including continuity of insulation, avoidance of thermal bridging and air leakage paths is quality assured through completion of post-construction testing and inspection. Dependent on the building type or construction, this can be demonstrated through the completion of a thermographic survey, as well as an air tightness test and inspection.

  • Any defects identified in the site inspection, thermographic survey and the air tightness testing reports are rectified prior to building handover and close out. Any remedial work must meet the required performance characteristics for the building or element as defined at the design stage.


Gladwood are able to carry out both air testing and thermographic surveys to achieve the above credit. Please contact us on the below link and we will try to assist with your requirements…


Gladwood can also offer the following diagnostic surveys for buildings:

  • Continuity of Insulation Surveys.

  • Air Leakage / Heat loss.

  • Construction Defects.

  • Electrical, Mechanical and Under Floor Heating Systems.

  • Roof Leaks.


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