Part F – Ventilation Testing

Means of Ventilation:

New dwellings now require post-completion testing of ventilation equipment. 

All domestic ventilation systems should be tested, from basic extract fans in bathrooms to whole house mechanical supply and extract systems with heat recovery…


Testing comprises of the following:

  • Checking correct size and number of background ventilators.

  • Ensuring internal doors have sufficient undercut to allow air transfer between rooms i.e. 10mm over and above final floor finish.

  • Ducted systems have been installed to reduce air resistance and leakage.

  • Ensure there is sufficient access for routine maintenance.

  • Confirmation that each fan unit meets the minimum flow rate standards in the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide.

  • A report is required for each installed address for Building Control approval.

  • Ensuring ventilation ductwork within unvented spaces is suitably insulated.


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